Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year In Review and Looking Forward - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013! 

Welcome to CCreech Studio's 2012 Year in Review and Looking Forward to 2013

I have seen similar posts on other artist's sites and thought this would be a great way to start the new year. 2012 was a busy year, creatively, and this is a great way to recall just how much was accomplished and take a look forward to what I hope to pursue in the coming year. So, let's take a look!

2012 Year In Review
  1. I opened my Etsy shop almost one year ago, in January 2012
    • I had 23 sales (of 30 items) in shop, but also about 30-40 additional sales outside of the shop, including sales made at booths throughout the year.
      • My offerings started with leather wrap bracelets made with natural gemstones, but quickly expanded to include:
        • Blank, hand-bound journals
        • Jotter journals with reprints of my nature and botanical artwork.
        • Natural stone pendants, most of which are on waxed cotton cord as an alternative to leather.
        • Hand-knotted, macrame and gemstone bookmarks 
  2. Advertised in a national magazine, FOLKMagazine.
    • Participated in their Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway, donating one of my bookmarks that was given to a lucky winner.
  3. Participated in three, in-person booth craft/gift shows 
    • Saline Farmer’s Market (August 2012)
    •  10th Annual Kerrytown BookFest (September 2012)
    • 1st Annual Holiday Greens & Gift Market in Kerrytown (December 2012)
  4. Consignment opportunities:
    1. I am fortunate to have items from my shop on consignment at two local shops/galleries:
  5. My first exhibit!
    • The exhibit, "Illustrating Science: From Anatomy to Zoology", showcased scientific illustrations on a range of subjects, done by local illustrators. Four of my botanical illustrations were on display during June-July 2012 at the Ann Arbor District Library.
  6. Drawing projects
    • I had three commissions this year:
      • Ink house portrait
      • Ink portrait of a cat (Beacon)
      • Landscape in ink and colored pencil.
  7. Donated a bracelet for the 8th Annual Circle of Art benefit for Food Gatherers, a local food bank.
  8. Donated a hand-bound journal to the American Society of Botanical Artists annual auction.
  9. The indiexhibit
    • Participated in the American Music Awards with two display items that were gifted.
    • Participated in providing mugs and jewelry to three film projects being completed in the coming months.

2013 Goals
  1. Keep creating!
  2. Continue to add to the Etsy shop
    • More hand-bound mini-journals with natural gemstones, silk wraps, and more.
      • I enjoy creating blank ones for a variety of creative uses, including art, writing, photos, etc.
      • Develop an idea for a journal format that a friend described to me last year.
    • More bookmarks, bracelets, and pendants; including finding new stones to use, state-specific stones.
  3. Participate in 1-2 booth shows
  4. Continue my partnership with FOLKMagazine. for 3 of the 6 issues this year:
      • I will have ads in the first three issues:
        • Issue IX Winter 2013
        • Issue X Spring 2013
        • Issue XI Summer 2013
  5. Continue consignment opportunities.
  6. Create wholesale price sheet and look into wholesale opportunities.
  7. Continue participating in The indiexhibit events as opportunities arise. It is a fun way to get a different angle of exposure and have my creations in different venues.
    • Participating in the gift lounge at the Academy Awards ceremony (The Oscars) 2013 in February.
  8. Participate in the 9th Annual Circle of Art benefit.
  9. Draw more! I had some commissions, but did not really do much sketching or drawing last year. This year I *will* do more! :)
    • Botanical and nature art - both sketches and finished pieces. I would love to do a few 'sketching' days at the local botanical garden.
    • House portrait of my own house.
    • Other commissions that come along.
  10. Seek out other exhibit opportunities.
  11. Attend the American Society of Botanical Artists conference in Pittsburgh in the fall.
So there it is! I am sure I will add to this list as the year goes on, but this certainly looks like a great start!

Do you have any creative goals for the coming new year? I'd love to hear about them.


MILLY said...

Happy new year carol. Looks like you have a busy year planned and I hope you enjoy 2013 with lots of creativity.
Best wishes for a wonderful year.

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Well done you - lots achieved in 2012 and 2013 looks very busy too.
You are an inspiration - very best wishes to you x

Carol Creech said...

Thanks, Milly and Vicki! You are both inspirations to me - I look forward to following along with your work in 2013!

Janene said...

You have had a very busy and productive year, well done! I look forward to seeing your creative endeavors in 2013. It is remotely possible that I will go to the ASBA conference as well, and if so it would be fun to meet you in person.

Carol Creech said...

Thanks, Janene! It would be fun to meet you in person! I hope we are both able to make it to ASBA.

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