Monday, May 25, 2009

Chive blossom sketch

Who knew chives could be so pretty? :) Our neighbors have a bunch of chives in their flower bed and they have a beautiful, light purple flower. When you clip the stem off, you can clearly smell the oniony scent of chives.

The bloom consists of a cluster of small, individual blossoms that together look similar to a thistle. Lots of detail to draw each one, so I settled for a looser interpretation to get the idea across.


MILLY said...

Nice studies Carol. It is interesting to draw all the little parts of a plant, really makes you look at things.
I like seeing a whole page of studies like this, in the style of the old fashioned botanical drawings.

Carol Creech said...

Thanks! I like seeing a whole page of studies as well. Interesting to just see different angles/views/parts all on one page.

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