Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finished! Dog portrait is done.

I have finished the dog portrait! I think it turned out well. I'm glad I took the time to really look at the shading and fill out a few more areas. I think the nose, eyes and mouth are much better.

I can always 'feel' when it is done and usually have someone else look at it to make sure I have captured the subject. In looking at the photo, I can see areas of shading that may be slightly different, etc., but the essence is there. It is very important not to overwork it once you feel you have a good finished drawing.


Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Carol!
This is really nice! What a great job with capturing your subject but not letting it get stiff or boring!
I like how you handle the ink...the look over the whole drawing holds together well.
Love the step by step pics!

Carol said...

Thanks, Mary! I appreciate your comments. Great to hear your perspective on the ink work. I have done a lot of graphite lately and was a little nervous starting this. I really like how it turned out, though.

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